Giovanni Reyna's drought-breaking goals could herald the start of a new era. 

Giovanni Reyna's goalless streak with the US is gone after more than two years. 

The 20-year-old attacking midfielder scored his first international brace as the United States defeated Ghana 4-0 at Geodis Park in Nashville on Tuesday. 

All four goals were scored in the first half, with the three goal scorers 

For Reyna, the performance represented a significant step forward, both for the United States and for his club hopes. 

The last two years have been close to a nightmare. This is due in part to the expectations that followed his arrival. 

It was hard not to view him as anything other than a superstar-in-waiting. 

He had already broken through at Dortmund, had made an impact in the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League. 

That status quo remained right up until the start of World Cup qualifying 

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