Glass Extension Nails Are The Fall 2023 Clean-Girl Manicure Trend

The glass nail trend is all about flawless, glossy beauty and an understated elegance that cannot be matched.

This minimalist nail style uses extensions to lengthen your nails, leaving them looking clean and exceptionally strong. 

Glass nails are sparkling, eye-catching, and won't clash with anything in your closet, whether you leave them shining alone or adorn them with small gems or gold leaf.

Chic elegance

The glossy French manicure exudes elegance and grace. With its unique take on a traditional style, this one is sure to turn heads.

Gilded gold

 We couldn't come up with something more ethereal if we tried. It's the epitome of angelic, delicate, and simple - try it for your more beautiful and precious outings this fall.

Midnight royalty

This deep navy nail is a fun and dark spin on the glass extension nail trend that is appropriate for the cooler weather and will have minimalist aficionados completely overjoyed.

Embellished beauty

These delicate pearls are the ideal complement to this manicure design. The vibe is just what we're looking for this fall, and the adaptability of this glass extension manicure outshines all others.

Short and squared shape

If you're not sure about the length of any of the glass extension nails, go for a shorter version to get the multipurpose, minimalist, clean-girl style. 

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