As Blake Shelton reminisces about their first meeting, Gwen Stefani sobs uncontrollably.

On October 19, at Gwen Stefani's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, 

Blake Shelton moved the audience to tears by sharing the touching tale of how the two met while serving as judges on "The Voice."

2014 was the year that I first met Gwen. She was unlike any other well-known person I had ever met. 

The country music musician, 47, told the crowd that Stefani, 54, had driven herself to work in a black minivan with car seats inside as she giggled next to him.

She didn't enter with security, I noticed.

It was chaos when she entered with a baby and two little boys, which at the time served as security because nobody was going near.

The "Nobody But Me" singer claimed he knew right away that Stefani valued her children Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, who were present at the Walk of Fame event, more than fame.

He continued as Stefani battled to contain her tears, "It was evident to me that she was a mother first and foremost over anything else in the world – that was her No. 1 job.

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