How Deion Sanders, the multi-sport superstar turned buzziest coach in college football, makes and spends his million

Deion "Prime Time" Sanders has reemerged in the spotlight as the most talked-about name in college football more than 30 years 

 after he wowed the sports world as a football superstar with a not-so-insignificant side gig at the highest levels of professional baseball. 

 Prior to the 2023 season, the Hall of Fame cornerback took over as head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes,

 and he has successfully revived the ailing franchise in a way that only "Coach Prime"

could.Sanders' sports career has been very successful at each stage, including as an NFL legend, 

 a part-time MLB outfielder, and an NCAA head coach. In addition, he has earned money from sources other than the football field and the baseball diamond.

The Florida native competed in three sports for the Florida State Seminoles from 1985 to 1988.

 Sanders began playing defense for the football team his first year on campus, played outfield for the baseball team, and ran sprints for the track and field team.

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