'I can't believe people are that foolish,' says one in a disturbing video of 'tourists' courting fate at a national park.

A close call was captured on camera at Yellowstone National Park when reckless tourists irritated a wild bison on one of the park's highways.

Bison are one of the park's most well-known attractions, as well as one of its most renowned dangers. 

The National Park Service recommends staying 25 yards away from any wildlife, including bison. It also highly advises staying inside your vehicle.

That was not the case for many of these vacationers.

The video's origin is unknown, however it was uploaded by the Instagram account Tourons of National Parks (@touronsofnationalparks).

The term "touron" is a mix of "tourist" and "moron" and refers to those who engage in risky and irresponsible behavior when traveling.

The bison clearly doesn’t like that, as it grunts and calls repeatedly, then trots toward the onlookers in a clearly threatening display. 

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