I tried a 10-minute bodyweight workout recommended by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's ideal for people who are too busy to exercise.

Finding the time to exercise regularly is one of the most difficult challenges.

However, workouts do not have to be lengthy, and anything is better than nothing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's daily "Pump Club" newsletter published an exercise that needs only 10 minutes of labor and a 10-minute walk earlier this week. 

The 10/10 workout was developed by personal trainer Cory Gregory.

The program is straightforward, with only two movements: squats and push-ups. 

You do one squat, one push-up, two of each, three, and so on until the timer runs out.

Chair squats and wall/incline push-ups (with your hands on a wall, bench, or chair) are appropriate for beginners.

Bodyweight squats and push-ups are intermediate level exercises.

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