In the past 4 weeks: Notre Dame is the most watched team in America with 26.9 million viewers; beating out the likes of: 

A staggering 26.9 million viewers have watched Notre Dame's games over the past four weeks,

 making them without a doubt the best college football team in the country. 

This incredible accomplishment has outperformed the viewership of notable rivals like Colorado, notably led by Deion Sanders,

 and Ohio State, renowned for having the largest fan base in college football. 

 It is also important to point out that Notre Dame has easily outperformed all 130 other FBS teams in college football, 

including prestigious institutions like USC, Michigan, Georgia, and Texas.

Notre Dame consistently maintains a strong viewership position throughout the course of the entire season,

 earning the coveted second place with an audience of 34.9 million viewers. However, 

due to their current position, they are only in second place to the powerful Colorado team.

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