Is it true that the Cowboys are flirting with a return to Super Bowl contention?

Dallas dominated the Rams 43-20, but it may need to demonstrate more before moving up to the elite tier of teams.

In Week 8 of the NFL season, there were a few memorable debuts and comebacks.

Are the Cowboys back following their win over the Rams? 

I wouldn't say they're totally recovered as a Super Bowl candidate, but it was a terrific effort on Sunday.

Will Levis' debut for the Titans will be remembered for a long time since he could soon be the team's full-time starter. 

That's how impressive the Kentucky freshman was against the Falcons.

Back-to-back Cowboys victories over two poor Los Angeles teams (Rams and Chargers) don't mean much other than putting this squad on track for the playoffs. 

I'm not ready to forgive the Cowboys for their humiliating 42-10 loss to the 49ers in Week 5. 

Dallas has larger aspirations than just making the playoffs, and they have yet to demonstrate that they can compete in the NFC with the 49ers and Eagles. 

Dak Prescott and company can silence the skeptics by defeating the Eagles next week.

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