Is the Netflix original film Love Is in the Air starring Delta Goodrem worth watching?

Love Is in the Air, the newest rom-com from Netflix, is everything a terrible old-fashioned Hallmark-type romance should be: a forgettable film with feeble chemistry, travel-ad vistas, and clichéd life lessons.

There is no mistaking what is being provided here, whether you choose to buy it or not.

Australian artist and former Neighbours star Delta Goodrem plays Dana, a pilot battling to maintain her family's business in a remote area.

Of Queensland's Whitsunday Islands, in her first motion picture appearance since 2005's adolescent comedy Hating Alison Ashley.

With the support of her father Jeff (Roy Billing) and airline mechanic Nikki (Steph Tisdell), Fullerton Airways connects the various islands in the region with necessary services, such as postal delivery and medical assistance.

They are rapidly losing money because that is a less lucrative line of business.

The boss chooses to send his own son, William (Joshua Sasse), all the way to Queensland so he may learn how to make difficult decisions when their British finance business tries to shut them down permanently.

This feels like a test, one that William isn't so sure he wants to pass because he expects him to follow his lead in the near future. particularly when he arrives in Fullerton and meets Dana, a brave woman who instructs him.

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