It's Time To Acknowledge A Key Aspect Of Zelda: TOTK Is Actually Bad

It's now time to acknowledge The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's shortcomings now that some time has gone since the game's first release.

It might be simple to be swept up in the excitement in the early days of a much-anticipated game's release and willfully ignore any evident flaws. 

That is especially true of a follow-up to a beloved original game. When TOTK first came out, everyone was talking about how amazing its scale was, how amazing its new features were,

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and how different it was from Breath of the Wild. It was difficult to focus on the few areas where it failed in the middle of all of that.

And for the most part, TOTK did live up to and even beyond expectations.

 It carried over a lot of BOTW's best qualities, made some quality-of-life additions, and even had a few pleasant surprises.

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To sum up, TOTK exceeded expectations in practically every way and nearly met every expectation.

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