Ja Morant Responds to Coach Prime's inspirational message amid suspension

Memphis Grizzlies suspended and embattled player Ja Morant responded to a recent social media comment handed out by Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders.

Sanders frequently delivers words of encouragement to anyone who watches his posts, whether at a news conference, in the locker room, or on social media. 

After sharing this comment on the social networking platform X on Oct. 18, the NFL Hall of Famer elicited a response from Morant.

How do u see yourself? You've got to start seeing u the way God sees u. You are Fearfully & Wonderfully made. You are more than a Conqueror.

 You are created to have Dominion & u are Blessed! Please understand all the positivity going on in your life & stop allowing the negativity to dominate your mind. 

You are Gods masterpiece & the light of the world. Now act like it.

Morant, who was suspended by the NBA for appearing on social media with a pistol, appeared to believe the statement was directed at him when he turned to the platform to respond to Sanders' post.

Although the NBA player is not permitted to play in the first 25 games of the upcoming season, the league has agreed to allow the Grizzlies guard to practice and travel with his team while serving his suspension.

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