Ja Morant's new big tattoo honors Kobe Bryant.

The Memphis Grizzlies player had a 10-hour tattoo. 

After serving his 25-game ban at the start of next season, troublesome Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant will have a big back tattoo. 

Grizzlies' Ja Morant punished for livestreaming gun. 

Morant's back tattoo features two gigantic Kobe Bryant tributes.

Andres Ortega's Instagram displayed the tattoo he and his colleagues did on the former NBA Rookie of the Year's back. 

Ortega said the NBA player sat for over 10 hours to finish the artwork in one day. Ortega and his staff from Glendale, Arizona, met the athlete in Miami.

Morant's lower back now has Kobe Bryant's 24 and Mamba emblem. The player's high school, college, and NBA emblems, his jersey number (12), 

and the phrase "Life is a gamble" surrounded by four aces and two dice make up the rest of the artwork, which chronicles his basketball career. 

Morant's chest and stomach were tattooed with his birth year (1999), doves, a 100 emoji, crosses, and an eye in the middle. 

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