Jay Norvell jabs at Deion Sanders ahead of Colorado rivalry game – – 

This week's rivalry game between Colorado and Colorado State will not be difficult for Deion Sanders to make "personal."

During his weekly radio show on Wednesday, Rams coach Jay Norvell made fun of Sanders'

 propensity to wear a hat and/or sunglasses during press conferences. He said: "

"I do not care if they hear this in Boulder. I told them, "ESPN," and I removed my hat and glasses. I remarked, 

"When I speak to adults, I take off my hat and my glasses. That is what my mother instilled in me.

It did not take long for the remarks to reach Sanders after receiving applause from the live audience and the show is host,

 Colorado State football radio personality Brian Roth.

undoubtedly put the Horned Frogs at ease. Along the way, they ended Colorado's years of failure in just one game:

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