Jimmy Fallon Says He Was so Close to the Stage at Rolling Stones Release Party He Got 'a Lap Dance From Mick Jagger' (Video)

Jimmy Fallon, a well-known Rolling Stones enthusiast and a frequent impersonator of Mick Jagger, 

recently celebrated the band's latest record on his talk show. During his show, Fallon shared his excitement about being invited to the release party for the Rolling Stones' album "Hackney Diamonds" 

and expressed his surprise when the legendary band took the stage for a live performance. He humorously recounted how he ended up 

being so close to Mick Jagger during the performance that he felt like he was getting a lap dance from the iconic rocker.

However, it wasn't just the proximity to the band that thrilled Fallon; it was the band's incredible performance. 

He emphasized that the Rolling Stones demonstrated how to rock out without relying on tricks, computers, or any other modern aids, showcasing their timeless musical prowess.

Fallon was particularly taken aback when Lady Gaga joined the band for an encore, making the performance even more memorable 

He described it as an "all-timer performance," highlighting the remarkable talent and chemistry on display that night.

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