John Wick Full Timeline Explained: When Each Movie & Spinoff Takes Place

The John Wick movie and spinoffs have been out for almost a decade, yet the in-universe timeline differs dramatically.

Chad Stahelski's action franchise, which includes the television spinoff The Continental 

and the upcoming Ballerina feature starring Ana de Armas, swept the world by storm in 2014, restoring Keanu Reeves to celebrity status as expert assassin John Wick.

Each installment has expanded on the series' deep narrative and world-building, featuring mysterious cabals, the High Table and its secret members, as well as The Continental and comparable hotels for hired killers.

With suggestions that John Wick Chapter 5 will feature Reeves, the John Wick franchise might continue for several years. 

 Stahelski has ideas for at least nine John Wick films, demonstrating that the franchise has rich material for plots that go beyond John Wick's retribution scheme 

 against the High Table, which was considered to be resolved in John Wick: Chapter 4. Here is the timeline depicted in the films and spinoffs, both chronologically 

and in terms of how it relates to the narrative changes that take place on Baba Yaga's quest for vengeance and the preservation of his wife's memory.

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