"John Wicks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9" directors explain franchise future

Chad Stahelski addresses earlier remarks he made about how he and Keanu Reeves want to continue the series after John Wick 4.  

Chad Stahelski, the film's director, elaborates on his earlier remarks about the potential for John Wick 5 and the future of the franchise with Keanu Reeves.  

Reeves made a comeback as the titular assassin for a fourth entry earlier this year after three successful excursions.  

However, since the John Wick: Chapter 4 finale appeared to murder the character off, it's been somewhat ambiguous as to whether the mainline franchise will continue after the anticipated spinoffs.  

Now, Stahelski explains how he and Reeves are approaching the possibility of John Wick 5, indicating that it's definitely not off the table, in a recent interview with Inverse.  

It is not yet certain, though, for a number of reasons. See Stahelski's whole response below:If Stahelski and Reeves can't come up with a compelling enough plot  

John Wick 5 won't happen, but it's worth debating whether Reeves should even return for a fifth movie. The assassin appears to find peace in death in the John Wick

The fourth film mainly explores the idea of having a meaningful life in order to obtain a meaningful death. The franchise has dealt extensively with topics about repercussions.  

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