Kevin Costner Says He Left 'Yellowstone' amid Creative 'Issues' and Arduous Negotiation

Costner stated that the 'Yellowstone' production team attempted to offer him "less money than previous seasons" to return for season 6 of the hit Paramount Network series.

Kevin Costner is speaking out about his decision to leave Yellowstone.

The 68-year-old actor testified at a child support hearing in Santa Barbara, California, on Friday as part of his protracted divorce from ex-wife Christine Baumgartner. 

During his testimony, he stated that his decision to leave the Paramount Network series was motivated by a "long, hard-fought negotiation" about breaking Season 5 into two parts.

He stated that "no scripts had been written" for the second half of Season 5, and that "they still hadn't finished" the first half of the season at the time. 

They tried "pay or play," but it didn't work, and he was due to collect $12 million for each segment of Season 5.

Costner stated that he wanted to return to the Western series for the sixth season, but "I couldn't help them any longer." 

We tried to bargain, but they offered me less money than in prior seasons, and there were creative concerns..." Before leaving, the actor said he made one final attempt to return and told his representatives, "have them pay me whatever

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