Kevin Costner's most recent western is a more thorough retelling of a twenty-year-old releasing experiment.

Horizon: An American Saga, starring Kevin Costner, is taking a gamble with its releasing approach. 

will release the two parts of Horizon just two months apart, a more extreme version of the Matrix sequels' six-month delay.  

While Warner Bros. has had success with back-to-back franchise movie releases, Horizon's success is questionable   

because it is not part of an established IP, making it a higher risk for the company.  

approach to the first two Matrix sequels. Costner is known for his love of Western epics, having directed   

and starred in the three-hour Best Picture winner Dances with Wolves and most recently heading the cast of the TV series Yellowstone. He makes his directorial debut  

with the Western epic Horizon: An American Saga, in which he also stars. The massive project illustrates  

the expansion of the American West before and after the Civil War.  

While the exact length of the project is unknown, the estimated total runtime for Horizon: An American Saga is extensive enough  

that the film has already been divided into two parts. Horizon: An American Saga Chapter One and Horizon:  

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