Lionel Messi strikes back with two goals in Argentina's 2-0 win over Peru

Lionel Messi made a triumphant return to international football, showcasing his brilliance by scoring two goals to lead 

Argentina to a 2-0 victory over Peru in a 2026 World Cup qualifying match. The match 

held at Estadio Nacional de Lima in Lima, Peru, saw Messi play the full 93 minutes, demonstrating his sharpness and determination. 

After a period of absence due to a right leg injury suffered while playing for his MLS side, Inter Miami, 

Messi's return to the national team was eagerly anticipated. His performance against Peru showed that he had regained his form and fitness. 

Messi's agility and skill were on full display during the match. At one point, he dribbled past a Peruvian defender on the goal line not once but twice, 

leaving his opponent on the ground before advancing to midfield. It was a reminder of Messi's unparalleled dribbling ability and balance. 

His two goals, both scored in the first half, highlighted his clinical finishing. For his first goal,  

Messi positioned himself in the middle of the box and received a perfectly delivered pass from Nicolás González 

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