LSU Gymnast & Influencer Olivia Dunne Reveals She Received $500K+ For A Single Online Post

Olivia Dunne, a social media star and the swimsuit cover model for Sports Illustrated,

has hinted at the incredible sums businesses are willing to pay her for a sponsored post.

As a member of Louisiana State University's gymnastics team, Dunne is entering her senior year there. 

Her posts are viewed millions of times thanks to her 7.6 million TikTok followers and more than 4 million Instagram followers.

She is now the most valuable female social media influencer, with an estimated net worth of $3.3 million and rising.

Normally, I never discuss money, but I would say six figures," she remarked.

When asked to limit it to being over or under $500,000, Dunne said she received more than that amount.

She continued, "Yeah, yeah, I am very fortunate," before stating, "It is just crazy to me."

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