Luke Grimes claims that Lainey Wilson assisted him in overcoming his fear of recording an album.

Luke Grimes recently told Billboard that singer-songwriter and Yellowstone co-star Lainey Wilson assisted him in getting over the "terrifying" notion of producing his own album.

"It was inspiring to watch Lainey step into those [acting] shoes," he told the site.

I was worried that people would naturally ask, 'What is this guy doing here?

I noticed no one on our set was thinking, 'What is she doing here?'

'She's fantastic, and we're delighted she wants to do this,' everyone said.

Luke Grimes loves to maintain an air of mystery as an actor, but when it comes to music, he's not hesitant to put his heart on the line.

Luke Grimes, best known for his role as the youngest son, Kayce Dutton, on the hit TV show Yellowstone, is releasing his debut EP, Pain Pills or Pews, on Oct. 20 via Mercury Nashville/Range Music.

"I feel like getting to know me was never part of the job with the other job," Luke Grimes says of acting.

The point was that you didn't get to know me, so you can believe me as something else, and the more you get to know me, the more you believe me as something else."

So, I think a lot of mystery is a good thing for people who play characters. 

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