Marvel Finally Addresses Its Biggest Canon Mistake — And Fuels a Wild MCU Theory

It seems like only yesterday that the Marvel Cinematic Universe completed the Infinity Saga and began the Multiverse Saga

but the reality is that Marvel has spent the previous few years bending and merging all sorts of various timelines and universes.

This has allowed three different Spider-Men to coexist, but there are other advantages as well.

A new MCU sourcebook has used the multiverse to fix a major temporal issue, unwittingly adding further evidence to one of the most intriguing MCU fan theories. 

 It may be a little detail in a book, but it could have far-reaching consequences for the franchise as a whole

Spider-Man: Homecoming has been out for a while, yet it introduced a plot hole that has been bothering fans since 2017

When commenting on the wreckage that's still sitting about, Adrian Toomes, alias Vulture

references to the Battle of New York seen in The Avengers, adding, "Eight years, and not a word from the Feds.

Half of the universe was snatched out of existence at the end of Infinity War, and it took the Avengers a few years to figure that out. 

 Homecoming, on the other hand, takes place before all of that. The MCU timeframe was later revised.

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