Marvel Finally Reveals Iron Man's MCU Replacement 

The Marvels examines hero worship via Kamala Khan, who idolizes Captain Marvel. 

The film criticizes the idea that superheroes know everything and warns against idolizing them. 

The Marvels will take Kamala Khan on a transformational journey that deconstructs her 

the teenage superhero is one of MCU's youngest. But Kamala's love of superheroes sets her apart. She worships Carol as her idol with limitless devotion. 

providing readers a new viewpoint on Carol Danvers 

This detailed novel tells Captain Marvel's story "through the eyes of Ms. 

elevating superheroes and expecting them to do everything might worsen problems. 

Hero-worship is captured in its purest form. Many in the universe worship heroes 

'The Marvels' is expected to gross $75-$80 million in its first weekend, which is around 50% less than the opening weekend of 'Captain Marvel.'