Marvel Writer Explains Why So Many MCU TV Shows Have Bad Endings

WandaVision's lead writer explains why several Marvel Cinematic Universe shows have awful endings. The Infinity Saga 

which lasted from Phases 1-3 of the MCU, was the most successful period in Marvel Studios' history. While the announcement 

that Marvel Studios' films would receive new formats — series, animation, and Special Presentations  

thanks to Disney+ was exciting, the MCU began to become divisive after Marvel began to branch out, with Phase 4 becoming the franchise's most contentious by far. 

Several MCU TV programs have struggled with pacing, visual effects, plot, and other concerns. That is why Marvel Studios has taken a new attitude  

on its output on Disney+, slowing its roll in order to provide more high-quality movies that meet or surpass the audience's expectations.  

One of the most significant issues with the MCU series is that many of the shows didn't stick the landing, with their endings feeling hurried, leaving threads hanging, or both.  

A recent comment from a Marvel writer explains why the endings of MCU shows have been hit-or-miss thus far. 

WandaVision chief writer Jac Schaeffer shares some behind-the-scenes Marvel Studios details in the MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios book 

(via The Direct), which helps explain why numerous MCU episodes have had weak endings. "The finale was just this ongoing question," 

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