MATCHING STARS LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne shows off her athletic form in a bikini with a lovely teammate at the team training facility.

In an Instagram shot, the Sports Illustrated model, 21, was seen with an LSU Tigers gymnastics teammate.

Dunne has almost 12 million internet followers.

She just returned to Baton Rouge after prepping for her final season at LSU.

Olivia, 21, routinely publishes footage that showcases her life – both on and off the gymnastics floor.

On Tuesday, Dunne posted a snapshot to her Instagram account of herself and LSU gymnast teammate Savannah Schoenherr at the team's training facility.

Olivia flaunted her athletic shape in figure-hugging black sports bikinis.

She captioned the shot "Oh hi" while Schoenherr gave peace signals in the background.

Elena Arenas, Aleeh Finnegan, and others joined Livvy at the LSU gymnastics training facility for an exclusive tailgate party.

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