Mike McCarthy says he's unfazed by Jerry Jones' regular feedback

When Mike McCarthy assumed the role of head coach for the Dallas Cowboys, he was well aware that he was entering a unique coaching position in the NFL.  

Unlike his previous coaching roles, where he didn't have to contend with an owner's direct involvement,  

McCarthy now faces the distinct dynamic of coaching a team where the owner, Jerry Jones, also serves as the General Manager and holds an unmistakably prominent role in the team's operations. 

Jerry Jones is renowned for his frequent radio interviews and his willingness to engage with the media after games. 

McCarthy, speaking on SiriusXM's Mad Dog Sports Radio, discussed the distinctive setup in Dallas, 

acknowledging the nuances of working within an organization where the owner has such a significant presence.  

He noted that each NFL coaching job comes with a different job description and responsibilities, and the Cowboys' structure is a reflection of the way the organization operates. 

McCarthy emphasized the positive nature of his relationship with Jones, highlighting the fact that their lines of communication are always open.  

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