Netflix Provides a Step-by-Step Guide for Watching Live-Action One Piece's Japanese Dub

As the show's popularity on Netflix grows, Netflix has produced a step-by-step tutorial to watching the live-action One Piece's Japanese version.  

The manga adaptation, led by Iaki Godoy as the aspiring King of the Pirates Monkey D. Luffy, has received widespread acclaim from critics  

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and audiences alike for staying true to its source material and successfully translating its epic scale to live-action, 

breaking Netflix's curse of failed adaptations following Death Note and Cowboy Bebop. The show has also done well in terms of viewership, 

breaking the debut marks set by Stranger Things and Wednesday and attracting an estimated 18.5 million viewers in its first weekend. 

The official Twitter account for Netflix's One Piece has offered tips for watching the show in a specific way, just over a week after it debuted. 

The post, as seen above, is a step-by-step instruction to watching the live-action manga adaptation with its Japanese dub. 

Many fans expressed their delight for the dub and stated that they plan to rewatch the episode using this way in the comments. 

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