NFL Makes Firm Decision on Suspension for Patriots’ Mac Jones: Insider

Following the Patriots' 15-10 victory in New York on Sunday, Jets standout cornerback Sauce Gardner stated that Patriots quarterback Mac Jones might be preventing him from reproducing by striking him in his "private parts." 

That may be a major breach of the NFL's unwritten rules, but it is not serious enough to warrant a suspension under the NFL's written rules. 

According to NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero, "#Patriots QB Mac Jones isn't expected to be suspended for allegedly cup-checking #Jets CB Sauce Gardner in Sunday's game." 

Jones stated on Monday that nothing was done on purpose. The NFL evaluates all plays, and it is possible, but not guaranteed, that Jones will be punished." 

This is encouraging news for the Patriots, who play at Dallas in Week 4 on Sunday. However, as Pelissero points out, 

it's completely feasible that Jones will be penalized again for his questionable behavior, as he has been at least three times in his early career. 

Gardner would welcome a stiffer punishment for Jones. Gardner was seen going after Jones after the play in question, 

That's plausible, but in order to get his point out, Gardner posted a reverse angle on social media showing Jones reaching out to Gardner after the play. 

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