NFL Rumors: Raiders make significant decision on Davante Adams trade

Davante Adams has already been a part of one big deal in his career.

 Adams made it perfectly plain in 2022 that he had no intention of playing under the franchise tag. 

As a result, much to Aaron Rodgers' displeasure, the Green Bay Packers traded him to the Las Vegas Raiders in exchange for a first and second-round choice.

Adams would go on to become the highest-paid wideout in the league, while Green Bay would never fully recover from losing Rodgers' primary target.

Despite the Raiders' 6-11 record, Adams had a terrific first season in Sin City.

For the second straight season, he caught 100 passes and led the league with 14 touchdowns, converting his receptions into almost 1,500 yards. 

Even without Rodgers, Adams was a good player with Derek Carr flinging him the ball.

The Raiders have elected to go with a new quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo this season. Adams has less yards per game and receptions, but a greater success rate and catch rate. 

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