NFL world reacts to Colin Kaepernick, New York Jets news

After beating the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football,  

the rookie York Jets' championship hopes were dashed four snaps into the season when rookie quarterback Aaron Rodgers looked to suffer a devastating injury. 

The MRI Tuesday morning verified the Jets' suspicions that Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon. 

Former ESPN analyst Jemele Hill, who now works for The Atlantic, proposed the Jets recruit Colin Kaepernick, 

who hasn't played in seven seasons, to fill the significant vacancy. 

There's a New Jersey quarterback who won a Super Bowl and an NFC title. On X, formerly Twitter, Hill tweeted, "Rhymes with Happernick." 

“The same QB who rode an All-Pro defense and got benched by Blaine Gabbert??” a football fan replied. 

“I know this will shock you, but most QBs need good teammates. After losing his great defense in his last season, he threw: notes: 17 TDs, 4 INTs.” 

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