Nick Castellanos refuses to give Diamondbacks even a sliver of bulletin board material

Last year, the Philadelphia Phillies came within two victories of winning the World Series and lifting the Commissioner's Trophy.

The Phillies are on a mission this year to win their first World Series victory since 2008. They got off to a tremendous start on Monday night.

The Phillies defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-3 in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series.

 The Phillies started off strong, blasting three home runs in the opening two innings. Nick Castellanos blasted the game's lone

home run in the second inning, extending his playoff home run streak to five in three games.

With the Phillies leading 1-0, Castellanos spoke with NBC Sports Philadelphia's John Clark. Throughout the postseason,

Castellanos has become something of a legend for his postgame interviews. Let's just say that when Clark asked him two questions, 

Castellanos didn't provide any bulletin board material.Clark inquired as to why Castellanos believes he flourishes in the most "pressurized moments.

[The cameraman] could take this camera and just show around the stadium, I think that will answer your question," Castellanos stated.

Clark then highlighted that Castellanos became the only player since Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson to hit five home runs in three playoff games

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