Valentine's Day, the sweetest day of October, IS HERE; HERE ARE WAYS TO CELEBRATE.

Today, October 21, is Sweetest Day, which is our second favorite holiday in October. We hope you're prepared! If you're not aware,

Sweetest Day is a holiday dedicated to showing your love and gratitude to the people you care about. 

 It's frequently compared to October's Valentine's Day.

You can spoil your significant other with chocolate, bouquets, and other sweet presents suitable of the name of the festival.

The holiday was invented 100 years ago by a worker at a Cleveland, Ohio confectionery firm who wanted to bring joy to those who were sometimes forgotten, such orphans.

Even while it's frequently observed as a sort of mini-Valentine's Day, today's Sweetest Day has evolved to include admiration for anyone you care about, whether romantically or otherwise. 

Sweetest Day is the ideal occasion if you're a hopeless romantic and are seeking for a non-committal....

justification to express your love and gratitude for your sweetheart. Even a new tradition could be discovered.

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