Olivia Dunne astounds fans with her steamy mirror selfie in the LSU locker room (PIC).

Olivia Dunne, a Louisiana state gymnast, knows how to keep her fan base interested.Warner Bros. 

The Sports Illustrated model looked stunning in a black sports bra and shorts while taking a sensual mirror selfie inside LSU's locker room.Warner Bros. 

Dunne is a social media sensation, with over 12 million online fans across many social media platforms. 

She recently returned to Baton Rouge for training as she prepares for her senior year with the LSU Tigers.

She is quite active on social media, providing her admirers with glamorous glimpses into her life as one of the country's most paid collegiate athletes.Warner Bros. 

As she prepares for her final year of gymnastics competition, Dunne has recently spoken up about her future.Warner Bros. 

Livvy hinted in a TikTok video that she would be leaving the sport after graduation, adding, "I can't believe this is my last year ever." 

Her popularity is not anticipated to wane after she leaves LSU. As previously stated, she is a Sports Illustrated model, therefore her profile is only going to grow.Warner Bros. 

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