Olivia Dunne cozies up to MLB prospect boyfriend Paul Skenes in new photo

Olivia Dunne and her boyfriend, former LSU pitcher Paul Skenes, were on a date to see the Tigers.

On Saturday, Skenes, who was chosen first overall by the Pirates in the 2023 MLB Draft,

 shared a warm photo of himself and Dunne watching LSU defeat Arkansas 34-31 in Baton Rouge.

"Get in the boot again!" The photograph, which Skenes captioned, is thought to be the first time he and Dunne have been seen together.

It has been a month since Skenes confirmed that he and Dunne are dating in a social media post.

Skenes discussed how the two have become closer as the spotlight has grown brighter in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

To be completely honest, getting somewhere can occasionally be a pain in the butt. 

 If one of us went out in Baton Rouge [La.] by themselves, someone would probably be there asking for a picture, an autograph, or something similar, according to Skenes.

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