Olivia Dunne is "Ms. Worldwide" in her bathing suit.

In her bathing suit, Olivia Dunne is out on the boat. While on vacation in Capri, the gymnast and influencer flaunts her amazing physique in a recent social media post. 

"Ms. Worldwide," was her caption for the picture on Instagram. Why does she always look so well? 

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Olivia visits Starbucks daily. Her command? An oat milk latte with vanilla. The Cleveland Clinic claims that moderate coffee consumption has a number of advantages.

According to a study, caffeine can enhance endurance and performance during exercise. "It acts on your brain to improve memory, mood, reaction times, and mental function," they claim. 

They also point out that it is rich in antioxidants, can prevent diabetes, neurologic disease, cancer, and depression.

Olivia is a social media nutter. "I don't feel too much pressure, because doing social media is always something that I've loved, and I've always taken it pretty seriously," she told the newspaper.

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