On the AMC website, here's how to get Taylor Swift's 'Eras Tour' merchandise.

Taylor Swift fans were in for a real treat this year. 

 The singer not only exhibited her highly anticipated Eras Tour throughout the world, but she also surprised fans with a video about her sold-out gigs.

Swifties may now purchase items from AMC, which has a collectible bucket and cup set for $24.99 on their website.

Fans were overjoyed to hear the news and took to X/Twitter to express their eagerness to get their hands on the package.

"There is a 22-minute wait to purchase Taylor Swift The Eras Tour #AMC Movie Bundles on the merch site.

"Gotta love Swifties," one user said, attaching a screenshot of the website explaining the phenomenon.

"Gotta love Swifties," one user said, along with a screenshot of the website, noting that it was "experiencing a high volume of traffic."

One person said: "Taylor Swift has people waiting in a 25-minute queue for a popcorn bucket and people say she isn't the most popular artist alive right now."

The merchandise was initially available through AMC's'merchandise' link in the right-hand corner, but it appears to have sold out.

Many more fans felt the same way, with one tweeting, "The one time I'm not on social media all day, AMC puts the only piece of Taylor Swift merch I want (pink popcorn tin) online and it sells out before I know about it."

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