One of Tom Cruise's most nasty portrayals is also one of his greatest.

Tom Cruise has established one of the most outstanding careers among Hollywood actors. Cruise, one of the last great movie stars in history,  

has spent the previous 40 years collaborating with some of the best directors of all time,  

solidifying his position as one of the most skilled stunt performers in the entertainment business.  

Tom Holland is no longer a part of Marvel. 

The filmography of Tom Cruise is far more varied than some viewers may realise, despite the fact that he has devoted recent years to projects like Mission: Impossible  

No movie does Cruise's charm or range justice as Collateral does. The thriller directed by Michael Mann has steadily gained recognition as one of Cruise's greatest and most compelling films, and for good reason.  

The movie is not only one of Mann's most artistically proficient genre experiments, but it also allows Cruise the opportunity to portray a villain for the first time.  

They adore every aspect of me, just like my kids do. They enjoy the entire adventure.  

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