optical illusion of a man eating 'dog's head' for breakfast perplexes the internet.

An optical illusion depicting a man preparing to eat a dog's head for breakfast has left the internet befuddled.

It's critical to note that no dogs were hurt in the making of this tale.

nstead, one man was left to savor a delectable-looking chicken steak as, unbeknownst to him at the time, social media exploded.

People on the internet enjoy looking at dog photographs and videos. Much of this is due to how this type of stuff makes them feel.

In 2019, Professor Jennifer Golbeck of the University of Maryland published a study that emphasized the good mental impact canine content has.

As part of the investigation, 1,880 people were invited to fill out surveys about their immediate feelings of well-being.

They were then instructed to examine one of three social media pages: one with dog photographs and videos, another with hilarious, 

non-political content, and a third with former President Donald Trump's Twitter account.

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