Patrick Mahomes might punt for the Chiefs in their game against the LA Chargers.

There doesn't appear to be much Patrick Mahomes can't accomplish on a football field, and this weekend.

When the LA Chargers come to town, he might give his already nearly perfect game a new dimension.

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Tommy Townsend, the punter for the Kansas City Chiefs, is listed as injured, therefore Mahomes might fill in for him.

Our backup punter is [Mahomes], according to special teams coach Dave Toub. "He was capable. 

He constantly displays for me while he is out there [during practice]. Boom. It's unbelievable that guy.

As is the case with many NFL studs, Mahomes was occasionally Whitehouse High's punter in high school and had a 37.8-yard average on 29 kicks.

Townsend won't have to worry about losing his job because of his second-best league average of 50.4 yards per game this year.

Townsend, a first-team All-Pro selection last season, is most likely to play through his knee injury, as he did last week when he averaged 48 yards per punt. 

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