Patrick Mahomes: Super Bowl Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist?

The NFL and the sport of flag football are gearing up for the possibility of NFL players, both current and former, participating in the Olympics. 

With the inclusion of flag football in the 2028 Los Angeles Games, there's excitement and potential for NFL stars to compete for gold medals in this sport. 

The U.S. already boasts a highly successful men's national flag football team, but it also houses some of the world's top tackle football players 

While the logistics and challenges are considerable, such as the overlap between the Olympics and NFL training camps, 

the door is open for NFL players to make their mark in flag football on the global stage. 

Key factors that would need to be addressed include support and participation from the NFL, its teams, and the players' union 

Additionally, the NFL is known for protecting its star players, as demonstrated by restrictions on their participation in other sports like basketball. 

Even before the inclusion of flag football in the 2028 Olympics was confirmed, NFL players like Tyreek Hill expressed their enthusiasm for the sport.  

Flag football, which values speed and agility over sheer size and strength, is well-suited to players like Hill, known for his exceptional speed and elusiveness. 

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