Online, people are requesting to be doxxed, and the videos are becoming very popular.

Kristen Sotakoun was idly scrolling through her TikTok around a year ago.

She came across a woman who wanted everyone to make an age judgment. 

 I don't need to hazard a guess because I found it on your social media, Sotakoun stated.

At the time, the 33-year-old had 30 followers. Currently, she has 1.1 million followers and frequently discusses "consensual doxxing."

Sotakoun claims that her newfound pastime of casually following people online has grown into a job.

"It was total accident," she says. The formerly employed Chicago restaurant waiter now earns enough money from creating content for TikTok to do so full-time.

She has drawn criticism for the term she coined. Doxxing, the practice of publicly disclosing someone's private information

(such as a home address or phone number) in order to damage them, is not "consensual."

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