Proposed Trade Sends Sixers Former 6MOY for James Harden 

To end the James Harden saga once and for all, the Philadelphia 76ers may have to turn to drastic means.  

If they reach that point, Bleacher Report's Zach Buckley recommended a deal that might help Harden regain some value, albeit with an Eastern Conference opponent. 

Buckley requested the Sixers and Miami Heat make the following transaction.Buckley discussed why Herro's talent could persuade the Sixers to draught him. 

"Herro isn't a star, and he has flaws that could prevent him from ever becoming one,  

but at the very least he has a non-zero chance of making that leap," Buckley wrote in an October 18 story. 

Buckley also discussed how Herro might fit in with some of the Sixers' other components. 

"A Herro-Tyrese Maxey combination may face a slew of defensive issues, but they can easily accumulate enough points to keep their collective head above water." 

Meanwhile, Martin might carve himself a substantial role as a two-way winger or perhaps fight for a starting position. 

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