Randy Travis “Tonight I’m Playin’ Possum” in Honor of George Jone

Tennessee (12 June 2013) - With the unexpected release of the George Jones homage song "

"Tonight I am Playin' Possum," Randy Travis has produced a hit.  The moving song is now downloadable from iTunes.  

 Joe Nichols, a legendary country singer, recently released the song "Tonight I am Playin' Possum."

The debut track from Randy's forthcoming album was released this summer.

When I learned how well Keith Gattis had written "Tonight I am Playin' Possum,"

 I was eager to record it. It was an honor to be asked to record this tribute to George Jones.

.  Randy Travis thanks Joe Nichols for coming in and contributing to this project.

At the CMA Music Festival, the Grammy winner gave fans the chance to hear "Tonight I am Playin' Possum" for the first time.

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