Ranking all four of the Batman movie sequels from worst to greatest

Among the greatest superhero movie sequels ever to hit the big screen are Batman's cinematic sequels. 

The Dark Knight is the superhero who has starred in the most successful blockbuster smashes among all other superhero movies. 

Twelve live-action DC films featuring Batman have been released over the years; 

each Dark Knight story has added its own unique take on the beloved superhero and his renowned rogue's gallery.

Over the years, The Caped Crusader has been a mainstay in movies thanks to DC producing some incredibly spectacular superhero epics featuring the character. 

Even though some of the movies were one-offs, DC frequently made the decision to order sequels to many of the origin stories that had been released over the years

Among the greatest superhero films to ever come out of theaters are a few of these sequels. 

Others—well, let's just say that fans are still making an effort to forget about a couple of sequels.

The Dark Knight has an even 50/50 sequel record out of the four Batman films that have been released over the years

with two of the sequels being considered failures by fans and the other two being among the greatest DC films ever made. 

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