Recap of Episode 6 of Season 3 of Outlander: The Long-Awaited Reunion

Episode six featured the most anticipated scene from the entire season of Outlander.

The film "A. Malcolm" was entirely about Claire and Jamie reconciling.

This lengthy episode brought us Jamie's take on the events when he finally saw Claire after 20 years after seeing a glimpse of it at the very end.

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One of those events that either people liked or loathed. However, it has developed beautifully, much like a fine wine.

If you'd like, you may read the first-impressions overview over at Hidden Remote, where I wrote before coming here.

This summary eliminates the need to return to it in order to catch any details that may have been missed.

Elizabeth Discovers Her True Love on "When Calls the Heart," Season 8 Episode 12.

One thing that was disappointing was not seeing much of Jamie in Edinburgh. When we last saw him, he was departing Helwater, leaving his son behind.

Claire's decision to journey back in time was the focus of Outlander Season 3, Episode 5. We missed out on the most of Jamie's life. Yes, this was done in order to reflect on subsequent events, but

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