"Rob Iler Calls Top Gun: Maverick a Movie Spoiler" 

He likened it to fast food, suggesting that people would initially enjoy it but ultimately regret it.  

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Iler believed that the sequel to the 1986 classic negatively impacted the film industry.  

Actor Rob Iler, known for his role in The Sopranos, strongly criticized Tom Cruise's return as Pete Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick, using explicit language to express his disappointment.  

 Rob Iler's scathing review of Top Gun: Maverick: "It's like fast food for movies, harming the industry's originality."

Despite its widespread acclaim and financial success, Iler still sees Top Gun: Maverick as garbage.

 Iler criticized the film's lack of originality, dubbing it a disappointment, despite its positive reviews and Oscar recognition.

Rob Iler slammed Top Gun: Maverick, comparing it to fast food and bemoaning its impact on the film industry. 

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