SAG-AFTRA replies to Ryan Reynolds' ridiculing of Halloween costume rules: 'This does not apply to anyone's children.'

During the ongoing strike, Ryan Reynolds criticized SAG-AFTRA's Halloween guidelines

which prohibited anyone from dressing up as characters from the strike.

Ryan Reynolds' veiled comment on their Halloween costume restrictions has been taken seriously by the SAG-AFTRA. 

The guild issued a statement explaining that their regulations do not apply to anyone's children after the actor insulted the guild for mandating what to wear and what not to wear on the occasion during the ongoing strike. 

SAG-AFTRA established guidelines for Halloween costumes on Thursday, October 31. 

"Choose costumes inspired by generalized characters and figures (ghost, zombie, spider, etc.)," 

Do not share images of costumes inspired by hit content on social media.

Dress like characters from non-struck content, such as an animated television show.

As a result of these limitations, people would be prohibited from dressing up as Marvel superheroes, Barbie, or Oppenheimer, the three costume trends that were expected to dominate Halloween this year.

Ryan Reynolds, well known for playing the superhero Deadpool on cinema, was quick to criticize these suggestions in a post on X

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