SAG-AFTRA Strike Hangs on $480 Million Gap Between Actors and Studios on Streaming Pay

The big studios and SAG-AFTRA failed to reach an agreement last week after the studios claimed that the difference between the two sides was "too vast" to allow for further fruitful discussions.

SAG-AFTRA will continue its strike, and the entertainment sector will stay closed, unless they can come to an agreement.

How large is that gap then?

around $480 million yearly.

That is the distinction between the $500 million that SAG-AFTRA is seeking in a new streaming residual formula and the $20 million that the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers is now prepared to offer.

Other topics that divide the two parties include minimum wage rises and artificial intelligence. However, the large disparity in streaming residuals was what caused the discussions to break down.

According to union officials, they were surprised when the AMPTP left the bargaining table since they had anticipated continuing the conversation. 

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