Saints’ Dennis Allen reveals reason behind decision not using Jimmy Graham in the clutch vs Jaguar

The New Orleans Saints' Thursday Night Football game ended in despair as tight end Foster Moreau, 

A cancer survivor, dropped a crucial game-tying touchdown pass. The Saints lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars,  

and fans were left puzzled as to why end-zone specialist Jimmy Graham was not used in the red zone during that critical play. 

Head coach Dennis Allen's explanation only added to the confusion. He mentioned it was a staff decision, 

but his response left many bewildered. It's clear that fans and analysts expected Graham to be utilized in such a crucial scenario. 

While this outcome may not automatically result in more targets for Jimmy Graham 

it could prompt Dennis Allen to consider using him in future high-pressure situations. 

Graham's experience and skills make him a valuable asset in critical moments. 

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