Sam Neill, Who Is Battling Cancer, Fears Retirement More Than Death

The Jurassic Park star revealed that his doctors have informed him that the successful medication he is now receiving will eventually cease functioning.

Sam Neill, who has played cloned dinosaurs and the literal antichrist in his films, is as terrified of dying from blood cancer as he is of retiring in real life.

The acclaimed actor opened up about his struggle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which he was diagnosed with last year, 

Sam Neill, Who Is Battling Cancer, Fears Retirement More Than Death

in a new interview with Australian Story. Neill is now in remission because to a medicine he began taking after his chemotherapy treatments failed. 

Despite its success, Neill's doctors have told him that the medicine will eventually stop working. 

"I'm prepared for that," Neil said, adding that he tries not to worry about the disease too much. "I know I have it,

 but I'm not particularly interested in it." It's beyond my control. Don't get involved if you can't manage yourself.

When discussing death, Neill was similarly composed, stating that he is "not remotely afraid" of it. Instead, he referred to death as

 "annoying" and asserted that the huge unknown abyss of life's end did not frighten him - it is retirement that "fills me with horror."

It's no surprise that Neill was working on two projects before to the writers' and actors' strikes, which forced productions to halt. 

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